about me/artwork

Madonsela Thokozani was born on the 28th of February 1988 in Daggakraal – Mpumalanga, South Africa. Madonsela Graduated from Artist Proof Studio in Printmaking, where he obtained a certificate. He is a mural artist, painter and a printmaker. Madonsela specialises in different mediums such as charcoal drawings, painting and mosaic art. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions such as the SA Taxi Foundation Art Awards and Absa L’Atelier to name a few; he has also been involved in special projects and commissions

An ode to brave souls
Over the years, my work has been most recognizable for its iconic nude, faceless, often laughing figures. This has been a bold statement I have used to depict neutrality in human identity. Through these figures, one cannot tell what gender, economic status or age the people I represent are. This has allowed everyone who looks at my work to take it as personally as they see fit, seeing themselves through the experiences of the figures on the canvas. This year, I have not veered far from my iconic figures. This body of work will tell everyday stories of people in the City we reside in. With the use of various accessories, I wish to depict lives from several walks of life, with the emphasis that we are all visitors in the urban spaces we have grown to call home, that none of us really belong here.